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Animal Intuition

Devoted to the invisible bond between animals, nature - and us

Why Animal

From bees to whales, from cats to thoroughbred racehorses, there is still so much about the world and about Nature that we do not understand. Why do animals behave as they do? How can they appear to ”know’ things that we humans aren’t aware of? How can animals form such strong bonds with other species. And in particular humans?

The aim of Animal Intuition.Net is to explore these fascinating questions and celebrate the amazing instincts and intuitive powers of animals through true live stories from around the world. Ever since the emergence of humans on this planet we have formed powerful bonds with our fellow animals and the aim of Animal Intuition.Net is to marvel at those links.

We also want to understand them through the latest scientific thinking about just what animal intuition and instincts are – and how we can better understand the bonds we share with pets, farm animals and creatures in the wild.

But it’s the stories that are the driving force behind the website; the extraordinary stories from the animal world and from our pets that have the power to move, delight, and humble us.

So if you have any story about animals and their intuitive, unspoken bonds with humans and nature please do get in touch! Email:

Michael Streeter

About the editor

I grew up on a farm in the south-west of England and so from an early age I was surrounded by animals; livestock, working animals, pets and wild animals.

It gave me a fascination for nature which was rekindled at university when I went to listen to a guest lecture from the biologist Rupert Sheldrake. His book A New Science of Life and his theory of ‘morphic resonance‘ had a huge influence on how I looked – and look – at the world. And I followed with huge interest his work on animals and their ‘telepathic’ behaviour culminating in his book Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home.

So in many ways, after a career spent in journalism and books, and once more living in south-west England, Animal is a natural step for me; a chance to explore and share in the wonders of the animal world with a rational but open mind.

Tell us your story!

Pets can provide we humans with many things. They bring us love, friendship and of course companionship. They also make us laugh (and yes, sometimes cry). But there are occasions when the human-animal bond is even more existential than that. This is because animals are tuned into the world around them in a way we do not yet fully comprehend, and can sense what is happening before we are aware of it. Sometimes they even seem to be able to predict what is going to happen. They know when we are in distress or danger, and try to help, sometimes with amazing results.

If you know of an animal which has saved or warned someone or shown its intuitive nature in any way, please let us know!