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Black gets back


Back in 1970 building worker, Jean-Marie Valembois, left his home in north-east France to seek work close to Avignon in the south of the country. This meant he had to leave his faithful two-year-old sheepdog, Black, with a cousin.

But a few months later, however, there were reports of a stray dog around the building site where Jean-Marie now worked. The dog’s description seemed very familiar. But despite this but Jean-Marie hardly dare let his hopes get too high, or let his imagination run away with him. It couldn’t be…could it?

However, as soon as he saw the ‘stray’ there was no doubt in the builder’s mind that the animal was indeed his pet sheepdog, Black. And the dog himself was so excited at being reunited, he knocked his master over with his greeting. Remarkably Black had somehow managed to walk 500 miles not to his home – but to an unknown area. Simply to be with his owner.

Needless to say, Black and Jean-Marie were not parted again.


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